Friday, July 17, 2009


Outside Hospitality House
Turk Street, The Tenderloin
Friday noon


Michael passed by as I was taking photos of a new subject for i live here:SF. He asked if he could be a part, so of course I said yes.

Michael is a San Francisco native. He grew up in the Fillmore and watched it be destroyed by redevelopment efforts. He later became a construction worker to rebuild the Fillmore Center, the very area where he and his family was forced to leave.

Now he lives in the Tenderloin and is looking for a nice girlfriend.


C******43 said...

my friend tatiana is cute AND single. better catch her b/4 it's too late!

shabby girl said...

Man, what a tough situation. You can't stop people from trying to recreate a place, but at what cost. Who's to say what's real, or best, except those that live there...before & after.
I have no answeres.
Good wishes Michael!

AphotoAday said...

You know, that's a very important subject -- the destruction of the Fillmore... Oh, the old Fillmore wasn't a pretty place and crime was rampant but it was a larger crime against humanity to displace all those people... Obviously money and racism had a lot to do with it...

So sad to see block after block just totally wiped out -- it just sat like that for ten or fifteen years looking like something right out of Heroshima or Nagasaki... I hate the look of what they have there now -- absolutely sterile without a past or a soul... Cold and impersonal... A real insult to humanity...

Cynthia said...

ha! Could you be the one sought? That last sentence...tenderloin? ha!
Somehow it got me imagining him watching you walk away while singing, "It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing!" do wap! <3

Love the color contrast and capture...everything works!

Char said...

:) Michael makes me smile looking for a girlfriend. that's a definition of hopeful.

Starlene said...

Killer shades, man. He looks like quite an interesting character. ; )