Friday, April 10, 2009


on Hayes Street
Friday morning


I live here in this glorious city of San Francisco. I grew up just across the bridge, and have always knew that I would be here in this fantastic, diverse, beautiful city.

I have lived in many other cities, I have lived in Europe, and I just find this city to be one of the greatest places to be. Ah, but I am leaving this City once more for Europe, my other love. It tears at my heart to leave, but I know that San Francisco will always be here for me to return to. I also know that I will never forget the things that make me love this place, and I thought I would compile a list of those things so you can enjoy them for me.

Oh how I will miss:
  • Feeling the wind against my cheeks as I run through Golden Gate Park, and get to my destination, the Pacific Ocean.
  • Lounging at Baker Beach with my friends, on a clear day with a fantastic view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Hearing that damn Muni bus go up and down my street.
  • Eating at my favorite restaurants: A16, SPQR, Delfina & Beretta.
  • The Warfield & the Fillmore.
  • Walking in to the lush courtyard of my apartment complex, entering my building and getting to my amazingly cute apartment.
  • Scoring big time with some new Louboutins for dirt cheap at CRIS on Polk Street. (That one is going to be tough to get over.)
  • Night time views of the City from Alamo Square.
  • Crazy conversations with sane people over San Francisco politics.
  • Driving up and down the steep hills.
  • The streetcars!

That is just a short list...there are so many things to love here. I will be back!


Char said...

safe travels Jill - it was great to read about your love of the city. And yes, shoes are always difficult to get over.

shabby girl said...

Julie, I left you a Lemonade Award over on my blog today because of your wonderful attitude towards everyone.

Bill E. said...

Whoa. That's my building. I live THERE.

Um, neat.

Aku said...

Thanks for the wonderful blog! I love the pics and the people's stories! I have wanted to visit SF for a long time already but now I think I simply MUST.

Oh yeah and welcome to Europe, Jill! :)