Monday, April 27, 2009


On a rooftop in the Mission, near Valencia
Saturday morning


I was born in SF General but didn't grow up in San Francisco. My family moved to Sebastopol when I was two years old and I no longer have any memories of the city from that period of my life. However I always loved coming to the city as a kid, there was always something about coming out of the tunnel on 101 and seeing the SF skyline while driving across the Golden Gate Bridge that awed me. It jut seemed so big and exciting.

I found the city really interesting, especially all the different neighborhoods and how distinct they all are. From the grungy back alleys of Chinatown, to the tall buildings in the Financial, and the quite streets of the Sunset, or the sunshine in the Mission. I still find enjoyment just walking around areas of the city I've never been to before.

Here's a short list of my favorite things about SF:

• Sutro Tower, I love it because you can see it pretty much anywhere in SF
• The cement slides on Seward St
• The Indian summers, but not the fog of actual summer
• Laying on the grass at Dolores Park
• The craziness that happens on MUNI
• Free concerts in the park
• The noodle houses on Clement St
• Baker beach, the clothed side.
• SFMOMA, I can get lost in here for hours
• Bay to Breakers, and all the awesome costumes
• Kickball with my friends
• All the taquerias in the Mission
• Riding my bike down Market
• Getting lost in Golden Gate park
• The view from Twin Peaks


The rest of Ben's photo shoot can be seen here.


Char said...

great interview and insider's view

Starlene said...

I have no idea what a cement slide is, nor do I get the acronyms. Actually, I don't really know what any of these places are but my curiosity is irreversibly piqued! The photo shoot looks awesome, it looks like it was such a nice day. : )

Bee said...

Many of your SF dwellers have mentioned the gray, foggy weather -- but you have captured a fantastically blue sky day here! Very cool photo.

Mention of all of those taquerias gave me a pang.

Alicia said...

awesome photo and cool list of faves.