Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Inside the Spreckels' Temple of Music (aka
the bandshell)

Music Concourse, Golden Gate Park

Sunday afternoon


It's 1992 and I have to get out of here. I'm in Denver, feeling none to good about life and in a failed relationship. I actually received a decent tax refund that year, and figured that if I sold my car and a couple of trumpets, I might have just enough to get out... just. But where?

I'm a skilled audio engineer and a graduate of a great music school (though I hadn't played a note in two years). New York? Obvious choice. But I didn't know a soul there, and more importantly, it was out of reach monetarily. L.A.? Next obvious choice. But it seemed overwhelming, and in my current mental state, just too much to consider. I have a sister in Fremont.. that's near San Francisco. The one time I visited that city I felt immediately at home there. Hhmmm. I could ask her too look around for an apartment... Plus I can get around by bus and train.... done!

My first apartment was a studio on Powell Street between Bush and Pine. $650 a month! That was $400 more than my much larger Denver apartment, but I had to get out!

San Francisco was not easy at first, but the difficulties of finding a job, making rent, and daily life helped to distract me from myself. Broadcasting had been a home for me since my college days, and I found a radio job just in the nick of money-running-out-time. From there I got my head on straight, and in 1997 I thought I would go over to Union Music and see if I could still play a note. After seven years I had no strength or endurance, but the tone was still there, tone is everything....

There have been ups and downs, the same struggles as anyone, but San Francisco has been good to me, no doubt. I even met my wife on the 22-Fillmore! I've been here so long that I feel like a native, but the truth is that San Francisco adopted me, and that's why I live here.... and being close to the wine country doesn't hurt either.


You can find Eric performing around the Bay Area. Here are his links to a variety of activities...

His website:
Cartoon Jazz Band:
Golden Gate Park Band:

And you can see Eric's entire photo shoot here.


Bee said...

That red jacket (with brass buttons) is SO Music Man -- in a good way.

I'm glad that SF reunited Eric with his music. (Should I say horn?)

Eugenia said...

Wonderful profile and I love the photoshoot! And just how did you meet your wife on the 22? Inquiring minds at Muni Diaries want to know :)

AphotoAday said...

Hmmm, it could be getting a bit late, but maybe I should start riding the 22-Fillmore...

Enjoyed the Flickr set -- and found some interesting stuff on the link to his "cartoonjazzorchestra.com" site...

Anonymous said...

You always were a good subject (and sport) to photograph. I'm glad that San Fran has been so good to you.